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Abstracts Submission

The deadline for abstract submission has been extended until February 15.

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Quick guide to submitting an abstract through OCS

The Department of Hydraulic Engineering of the Universitat Politècnica de València (Valencia Tech) is pleased to announce the 2nd WDSA-CCWI Joint Conference to be held July 18-22, 2022 in Valencia, Spain. All participants are required to submit a short abstract through the OCS platform of the UPV.. A Special Conference Track for Industry Participants will allow water professionals from industry, municipalities, government and consulting firms to exchange ideas and share experiences on interesting projects.

To participate in the conference three different Tracks have been defined:

  • General Track, the traditional way of participation in these conferences. It is necessary to submit the abstract before February 15th. Abstracts will be accepted on March 1st. In addition, full papers must be submitted before May 1st.
  • BIWS Track. A track specifically designed for the Battle of Intermittent Water Supply. An abstract indicating the methodology to be developed must be submitted before February 15th. The final solutions and the paper indicating the developments and methodologies used in the resolution must be submitted before May 1st.
  • Industry Track, specially designed for the participation of industries, manufacturers, companies and administrations. It is only necessary to submit the abstract before February 15th. Full papers will not be required in this track.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed. It should not exceed 500 words maximum. Abstracts should be prepared in English and submitted via the OCS platform of the UPV.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts and seeing you in Valencia!

If you have any problems, please contact us.

Papers & Presentations

Papers submission

Papers should be submitted in Word, using the WDSA/CCWI2022 template . This template has been designed with specific styles and formats embedded, to ensure consistency across all authors – incorrectly formatted submissions will not be accepted.

Papers must be written in English and should not exceed 15 pages, including figures, tables and references. An abstract of 500 words maximum, which will be printed in the conference programme, must be included in the paper. This abstract can be the same as the one that has been approved by the Scientific Committee. In case the reviewers have suggested modifications to the abstract during the review process, these should be taken into consideration. Likewise, the abstract can be modified if the author(s) consider it appropriate.

Word documents with the final version of the paper must be sent through the OCS platform of the UPV. It will be necessary to log in to the OCS platform with the same login with which the paper was sent.

Please note the restrictions related to papers depending on the selected Track:

  • General Track. It is compulsory to send the full paper in order to be able to present the work during the conference.
  •  Industry Track. It is not compulsory to send the full paper in order to make the presentation. However, if the full paper is submitted, it must follow the same template as the other papers.
  • BIWS Track. In addition to submitting the paper, it will be mandatory to submit the information related to the obtained solution described in the Battle Instructions.

The deadline for submissions in all Tracks is 1 May.

If you have any problems, please contact us.

Papers & Presentations


All accepted papers with at least one of their authors registered will be presented in the different Technical Sessions. In case you have not received confirmation that your paper has been accepted for presentation, please contact us. The maximum time for each paper is 12 minutes for the presentation by one of the authors of the paper and 3 minutes for questions from the audience.

A computer with Microsoft Powerpoint will be available at all technical sessions, so that presenters can use their previously prepared ppt files. If you are not going to use this format, please contact the organization as soon as possible.

All technical sessions will be led by a moderator, who will be in charge of introducing the participants, controlling the time of each presentation and ordering the questions.

There is a Powerpoint presentation template that presenters can use if they wish. In any case, presenters can use their own style and template.

Papers & Presentations

Instructions for presenters

The instructions to be followed by all presenters are as follows:

  • Upload the presentation to the conference cloud to have it available during the technical session. To do this, please contact the staff at the Registration Desk
  • Arrive at the Technical Session room 5-10 minutes before the start of the Technical Session and contact the Session Moderator
  • Provide the Moderator with a brief introduction of the person who is going to present the paper (maximum 3 lines)
  • Verify with the technical staff of the organization present in the room that the file to be used during the presentation is available and works correctly
  • Attend the technical session from the beginning. It is possible that there may be last minute changes that alter the order of presentation of the papers in a session.
  • Strictly comply with the maximum presentation time (12 minutes).

Only those participants who are going to present their work online must follow the following instructions:

  • Send the video with the presentation to the Conference organization. The deadline for sending the file is Thursday, July 14. You can use any system, although we recommend you to use the Intercambio Servide of the UPV
  • The maximum length of the video is 12 minutes.
  • Send a brief introduction of the person who will telematically present the video (maximum 3 lines).
Papers & Presentations

Instructions for moderators

The moderators of the different Technical Sessions should follow the following instructions:

  • Arrive at the room 10 minutes before the start of the session and identify yourself to the staff of the organization that will be present in the room.
  • Contact all the presenters of the different papers before the start of the session. They should provide you with a brief introduction (maximum 3 lines) in order to be able to present them properly during the session.
  • Check that all presentations are available on the computer in the room.
  • Manage both the time for presentations and the time for questions. In no case may the total time of the Technical Session be exceeded in order to avoid overlapping with other conference events.
  • Contact the organization’s staff in case there are any problems in the room.
Papers & Presentations

Conference Life Broadcast

  • Some activities (plenary or technical sessions) of the Conference will be broadcast online through the Teams platform. Only those who are registered for the conference will be able to follow these activities.
  • If you wish to follow any of the activities, please contact us by email and we will send you the access links.

Instructions For Authors And Presenters

Coming soon …

Conference Proceeedings

All accepted and presented papers will be published in an electronic book registered with ISBN. All papers will also be registered with their own DOI. This publication will be open access and will be available in the UPV repository. The final publication of the proceedings will take place in September 2022. A provisional version of the proceedings book is available for attendees at the following link.

Accepted abstracts will be edited into a publication that will be available to attendees at the start of the conference.

All Battle of Intermittent Water Supply papers will be published in a special section under the same conditions as the rest of the conference papers.

Some papers will be selected to be published in a Special Issue of the Journal of Hydroinformatics entitled “Smart water and digital transition in water systems”. Also, selected papers from the conference will be published in the Urban Water Journal.

After the conference there is a possibility that some papers may be selected for publication in the Urban Water Journal or the Journal of Hydroinformatics. At that time it will be decided whether the paper will be sent as is to the journal and in that case it will not appear in the conference book or whether the authors will be asked to make an extensive extension and improvement of the paper to be presented in the journal.

Journal of Hydroinformatics

Journal of Water Resources, Planning and Management

Urban Water Journal


Battle of Intermittent Water Supply

Instructions will be available on October 15.

Consult the specific section on the website.


Aqualibrium Water Competition

Instructions will be available on October 15. As is traditional in these events, a new edition of the Aqualibrium water competition will be held during the conference. The aim of the competition is to distribute the three litres of water contained on the equally between three reservoirs (containers) placed randomly on a grid of 16 points. More details about Aqualibrium can be found at the following link.